A Recap of the RICS BIM Conference 2017

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On 6th June, members of the Causeway team attended the RICS BIM Conference 2017—Towards Digital Built Britain—at the Hilton London Tower Bridge.

This conference comes six months after the launch of the UK BIM Alliance’s “BIM in the UK: Past, Present & Future”, which seeks to achieve BIM adoption levels of 75% across supply chains in the UK.

Topics that were discussed that conference included:

  • Challenges of further adoption of BIM Level 2 in the private sector and among SMEs
  • Potential implications of the Digital Built Britain Level 3 BIM strategic plan to be enacted by the UK Government’s BIM Taskforce
  • The importance of security in common data environments
  • The increasing use of geospatial data in BIM projects

The event also included a session for Cost Managers, Project Managers, and Facilities Managers to consider effective methods of early engagement and collaboration, as well as best practices for project handover.

Speakers at the RICS BIM Conference included:

  • Anne Kemp - Director of BIM Strategy and Development, Atkins and Chair, UK BIM Alliance
  • David Philp - Global BIM/IM Consultancy Director, AECOM
  • Fred Mills - Founding Director, The B1M
  • Andy Green - Director, Faithful + Gould
  • Reid Cunningham - Strategic Development Director, BAM FM
  • Steve Eglinton, Vice-Chair, Association for Geographic Information

Focusing on how BIM equates to better information management to deliver better business and customer outcomes, the speakers at the event discussed how the implementation of BIM is beneficial across various sectors of industry, as well as how society interacts with city structures.

Anne Kemp, Director of BIM Strategy and Development at Atkins, said, “The UK’s position as a global leader in the digitisation of the build environment is well established, but challenges to adoption of BIM remain. The UK BIM Alliance is delighted to support this key conference as we attempt to drive the continued implementation of BIM Level 2. This event [was] of great value to anyone wishing to play a leading role in the nation’s journey in the nation’s journey towards becoming Digital Built Britain.”

Furthermore, the NBS has published its annual NBS National BIM Report. The report outlines:

  • That there is now near-universal awareness of BIM
  • 62% of business are using BIM on some projects
  • 78% believe that BIM is the future of project information
  • 65% understand that BIM brings benefit beyond design stages
  • 51% think that the government is on the right track with BIM, but a majority believe the government is failing to enforce the mandate to use BIM Level 2
  • 75% of organisations that have adopted BIM are at or beyond the level required by the BIM mandate
  • 7% of organizations are at BIM Level 3

As one of the world’s leading suppliers of software for the built environment, Causeway solutions play a key role through the Design, Build, Operate and Maintain phases of the built environment. We at Causeway are pleased to join the UK on its journey to becoming Digitally Build Britain.

Causeway CATO, BIMMeasure in particular, is used by 8 of the Top 10 Cost Consultants in the UK.

Causeway BIMMeasure provides the ability to measure directly from federated or individual models and drawings whether presented in 2D, 3D or BIM format. BIMMeasure also integrates fully with CATO modules Cost Planning, Taking-off and Billing (BoQ production) designed for Cost Consultants, as well as Construction Estimating for contractors.

To learn more about CATO click here.

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