Customer Experience - What's really important?

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We are all customers, we all like to feel that we are getting the best possible service, and ensure that our experience as a customer, is the number one priority, as we are after all, paying good money to get the service.

“Your customers are responsible for your company’s reason for existing.”

So what is it that is really important to the customer? Value for money? Customer service? Reliability? Quality of product? All of these factors come in to play when a customer might be look to purchase a product, so why would they not expect the same, when they ARE a customer? 

When understanding the reason behind a technical issue, I will endeavour to get as much background information as possible, it will save time, save stress and improve the customer experience. By doing so this will allow the customer to get that vital feeling - "I am actually being listened to & understood". The customer having the chance to give their side of the story, and allow a greater understanding of the problem to be portrayed, is always going to make them realize that what they are saying is important.

So why would we change this to a non-technical issue? By giving your customer the chance to explain what the real issue is, you can look to provide a solution that will be more likely to suit that customer. Not knowing the full details or jumping the gun will only lead to assumptions being made, and the incorrect solution or suggestion being provided. We can't always fix a problem, but we can always understand how the problem may have occurred. This will allow you to prevent problems, and even proactively change to ensure it doesn't happen again.

  • Ask questions - It is key to get a full understanding of a problem, more questions = more answers
  • Show you care - If you show you care about a customer and the problems they are having, they will feel they can portray a honest evaluation of what went wrong - not just an angry one!
  • Go the extra mile - Try your best to go that extra mile and ensure customer’s aren’t just satisfied, they are impressed with the service, and will be confident to come back again.
  • Review - Review both good and bad, what went wrong or what went right? It's a great way to find out how to improve or what needs to be changed
  • Remember - “Your customers are responsible for your company’s reason for existing.”

Now get out there and show how great you can make your customer experience! 


Nick Ryding - Causeway Customer Experience

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