APRR was established in 1961 to partner with the French State and local authorities. The business has since assisted in the development, construction, and maintenance of motorways across the country.

Over 60 years later, APRR is now the fourth largest motorway group in Europe, operating more than 2,300 kilometres of toll roads across France that are relied on by approximately 23 million customers each year.


Customer Information

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Customer Name: APRR

Industry: Europe's 4th largest motorway group

Causeway Solution:

Causeway Ermeo


The Challenge:

Since 2016, the Numa (Numérique Autoroute) Programme of Digital Transformation for the Trades has been underway.


The Numa Programme has 3 ambitions. The first is to to easily equip field controls. The second is to have a user-friendly solution. The third is to have a very good traceability of information.


This transformation programme also has three major challenges: the challenge of efficiency, the challenge to improve responsiveness in resolving anomalies and thee challenge to improve the customer experience. 

This programme aims to connect the nomadic agents that are on the whole network (with the remote operators).


The objective is to transmit information instantaneously between all points on the network. At APRR, when a traveller breaks down, an APRR agent arrives within 16 minutes and thanks to Causeway Ermeo APRR can respond to these challenges in an optimal way.

Another major challenge for APRR is to maintain Afnor certification. One of their missions is to periodically check the state of the services rendered and to detect anomalies and non-conformities. To do this, APRR has formalised monitoring policies that have been applied for years and include very detailed audit forms.


More than 18,000 interventions are carried out per year on 30,000 assets. Previously, field agents carried out interventions using paper forms which meant team leaders did not have a good view of the timeframe for resolving non-conformities and had difficulty providing audit reports in the event of an audit. They spent considerable time consolidating the data in reports and had difficulty prioritising actions based on the criticality of the non-conformities.

The Solution

Causeway Ermeo is a web and mobile solution that allows manufacturers and service companies in all sectors to replace paper use and low value-added tasks that slow down and complicate the daily life of field operators, by digitising all types of operations and documents.


The most frequent cases of use in Causeway Ermeo are:


  • Report and track resolution of anomalies 
  • Ensure the follow-up and traceability of interventions
  • Carry out QHSE controls and audits (equipment - operations)
  • Reference assets and monitor their condition (Equipment Management)
  • Carry out preventive and corrective maintenance operations (mobile CMMS)
  • Taking measurements
  • Securing an intervention


Why did APRR choose Causeway Ermeo? 

APRR has chosen Causeway Ermeo for the digitisation of its business processes. For APRR, it was essential to have a solution that was easily adaptable, as their processes evolve very quickly. Causeway Ermeo is applicable to several use cases: it therefore perfectly meets APRR's needs. 

With the Causeway Ermeo mobile application, agents can take pictures, add comments and complete reports: they are truly guided.

Finally, all the information is recorded and the operations performed are tracked thanks to à the web platform. This proves that the equipment is properly monitored. Prove that an inventory of APRR's services and assets was carried out at a given time. 

How was the solution deployed?

After choosing Causeway Ermeo, it was necessary to proceed with design, parameterisation, field tests and adaptation, which lasted one month. This is to ensure optimal user adoption and to guarantee the achievement of the Numa project's goals. Then, there was the deployment phase for the teams, which lasted 4 months, followed by the construction of indicators.


One of the advantages highlighted by APRR is the possibility of deploying use cases gradually, with increasingly shorter test phases each time. After testing the tool on a first use case, APRR has had confirmation that Causeway Ermeo meets its needs. This accelerated the deployment of the solution on several other use cases.


The Outcome:

The feedback from the various people involved in the project is very encouraging. At APRR, the Causeway Ermeo solution satisfies all types of users: from field agents to remote operators of all ages. APRR is very enthusiastic about this digital project and is determined to go further and faster in its deployment.

The figures are also more than positive. 100% of the data is traced and reported, which makes it possible to secure the ISO standard. There is a better prioritisation of interventions: up to 70% decrease in the rate of interventions. As well as an optimisation of on-site interventions: 100% of the equipment is inspected.


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