Ascia Construction is an independent building contracting company that provides professional and high-quality construction services.

Based on the Hampshire and Sussex border, Ascia Construction operates along the South Coast from Bournemouth to Brighton. 

Ascia’s Managing Estimator, Paul McGuire, has been working in estimating for more than fifteen years. He shares the company’s experience using Causeway Estimating below.


The Challenge:


When considering a new estimating provider, Ascia wanted a solution that would provide better value for money and support the team to reduce mistakes within their estimates. Ascia’s estimating team was seeing too many errors with Excel and the solution no longer facilitated their business needs.


Having moved to the business five months ago, Paul already had experience using Causeway Estimating in a previous role and knew the solution would be a great fit for the business.


As Paul already knew how the solution worked, as well as the benefits it could bring the team, he was confident in the cost commitment of bringing on a new solution and was able to reassure the business about the decision to move from using Excel to Causeway Estimating. Paul said:


“I’ve used several solutions during my 15 years working in estimating; Causeway Estimating is not only the easiest to use, but it also offers value for money too!”

The Solution


Before switching to Causeway Estimating, Paul’s team was using Excel for estimating projects, which meant version control between the team was essentially non-existent – which increased the risk of error.


Causeway provides a comprehensive range of tools to meet any estimator's needs, and having used our solution for several months now, feedback from Paul’s team has been positive:


“The three estimators that currently use the software have been delighted with the switch. When tender periods are tight, more than one person can work on one estimate. Having this capability allows my team to save time and price more work.”


With Causeway Estimating, estimators can collaborate and price work efficiently as the software provides global access for multiple users, wherever they happen to be. This means estimating teams don’t have to worry about falling behind on deadlines if a member of the team can’t make it into the office.


“Having an auditable trail keeps things simple and we are able to get enquiries out quicker, Paul added


The team has not only benefitted from the switch, but as a Managing Estimator, Causeway Estimating has also supported Paul to manage his team of estimators better, as he now has access to detailed reporting, on all the projects that are going on.

“We are a business-critical team; it all starts at Preconstruction. Having Causeway Estimating onboard has supported our team in creating valuable reports, which in the past has been time-consuming and complicated.”


Paul McGuireManaging Estimator


The Outcome:


Moving to Causeway Estimating has supported the creation of 4-6 estimates per month for the business.


“We’ve seen the benefits of Causeway Estimating almost immediately,” Paul commented.


Paul and his team were able to move quickly after the onboarding. With Causeway Estimating, all clients have a dedicated Account Manager who works closely with them through implementation and on an ongoing basis.


The software is very easy to learn in a short space of time, and any customer support issues we reported during the transition phase were resolved,” Paul added.


We take pride in our Customer Support and aim to resolve software queries with minimum disruption while providing ongoing communication through to resolution.


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