We worked with Biwater to transform the data management of it commercial functions, connecting the design, estimating, construction and commercial management of big and complex projects.

The ongoing cost and timeliness of complex fixed-cost programmes is inherently difficult to track and evaluate. The Causeway solution has enabled more efficient delivery of projects through complete commercial control and providing the visibility and governance required to ensure projects do not exceed budgets or overrun programmes.

Discover how Biwater addressed the challenges, built a solution and are now delivering outcomes that are enhancing commercial performance across all their large construction projects.


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Biwater identified the key aspects of its collection, comparison, and analysis of project data that could negatively impact project performance and concluded that a holistic approach was required to achieve an accurate, scalable solution.

Causeway was a standout leader. Their knowledge of construction and contracting challenges allowed us to form a strategic partnership to transform the commercial management of our project

Paul Stevens, CEO, Biwater


Successfully executing multi-million dollar projects spanning local sites, regional project management centres, and international executive management requires real time, collaborative, accurate data management and reporting. If data lags, resides in regional silos, or is inaccurate, this will culminate in misinformation on a project’s commercial performance and inaccurate feedback to Senior Management responsible for reviewing every Contract under execution across the group companies.

This also leads to inefficiencies across project controls in design, estimation, and procurement. Biwater required a solution that was able to accommodate multiple currencies across large scale, complex projects, providing total transparency of budget cost and value performance across a single interface.


Causeway’s solutions are uniquely powerful in their ability to ingest, process, and analyse huge data sets required to execute projects at the scale we require.

Richard Smith, Director - Group Projects & Risk Division Biwater

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