Irish structural and civil engineering consultancy Furey Consulting Engineers has upgraded to Causeway’s Live Design engineering software suite as part of an ongoing growth strategy that has seen the Co. Kildare-based company significantly expand its field of operation.

Established in 1994, Furey Consulting Engineers initially specialised in structural engineering but in recent years has broadened its range of services to cover all aspects of construction including drainage design, site supervision, inspections and surveys.

The engineering consultants first partnered with Causeway in 2019 after taking the decision to work with the technology company’s Flow drainage design solution, a hydraulic modelling solution for the design and analysis of optimal, compliant, and cost-effective storm and foul water drainage networks.

With the expansion into more road and residential projects, Furey Consulting Engineers' approached Causeway with a view to adding its widely used Professional Design Suite (PDS), but as senior account manager Yalda Majdabadi explains, the advice was that Live Design would be the better solution.

“PDS is a recognised name and a trusted software suite so adding this to Flow might have appeared to be the obvious next step, but Live Design offered the client a number of significant advantages."

“It’s a much more intuitive solution, one that makes it faster and easier to get results. The fact that it integrates with Flow means there’s no need to import data from one program to another – everything is in one place, and in one design environment. For example, if you were to make changes to a road design, Flow works in the background, in real-time, updating the drainage system accordingly.”

Causeway Live Design is the first 'live' civil engineering design platform that brings all infrastructure disciplines into one design environment and Furey Consulting Engineers made the decision to adopt this solution after attending a webinar that focused on user experiences after its launch in 2021.

Another key factor behind Furey Consulting Engineers' decision to continue to work with Causeway as it builds its civils business is the subscription model of ownership. This means a low cost of entry and the ability to add user licenses allows the company to scale according to need.

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