CubicWorks provides fit-out, refurbishment, design and build, and mechanical and engineering services to works places across the country.

Growing quickly over the past two years, the company’s requirements have changed, leaving CubicWorks to re-evaluate the construction technology solutions the business previously had in place.

After meeting with the Causeway team at Digital Construction 2021, the business saw a fantastic opportunity to partner with Causeway and has since moved forward with four Causeway solutions: Causeway Estimating, Causeway Project Accounting, Causeway Tradex, and Causeway Ermeo.

Causeway Estimating will support CubicWorks to manage the bidding and tendering process, allowing estimators to quickly create accurate estimates and draw on information from previous projects, eliminating re-work and improving productivity.

Causeway Project Accounting will be used for procurement, cost-capture and real-time reporting, enabling the business to proactively manage projected profits, keep track of labour/materials, as well as subcontract costs, value, budgets, time and change throughout a project’s lifecycle.

Using Causeway's e-Invoicing platform, Causeway Tradex, will remove the need for the CubicWorks finance team to manually rekey invoices - on average, in the UK, 3.6% of invoices are entered incorrectly, which can cause considerable financial risk to growing businesses like CubicWorks.

Finally, on the maintenance side of things, the business will use Causeway Ermeo to manage and view the status of jobs in real-time as well as capture timesheet information of operatives to further streamline cost capture and payroll processes.

These four Causeway solutions not only improve efficiencies in those specific areas but also integrate fully with each other and with previously standalone packages to provide greater visibility and simpler reporting.

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