Causeway Technologies is thrilled to announce that The DE Group, a premier construction contractor in central London, has selected our Supplier Management solution to streamline their supply chain processes.

The DE Group, known for delivering high-quality new build and refurbishment projects across various sectors including residential, commercial, retail, leisure, and hospitality, recognised the need to move away from manual processes and spreadsheets. By adopting Causeway's Supplier Management software, DE Group aims to enhance efficiency and accuracy in managing their supplier database, particularly through the automation of their self-billing forms.

The DE Group’s initial challenge was managing a decentralised supply chain database with numerous manual processes. Causeway Supplier Management not only automates their self-billing forms but also centralises their documentation, allowing for better compliance and more efficient processing.

By adopting Causeway Supplier Management, The DE Group unlock the following benefits:

  • Automation of self-billing forms: streamlines financial admin, reducing errors and manual workload.
  • Centralised supplier database: offers comprehensive profiles, ensuring easy access to critical supplier information.
  • Improved compliance and risk management: enhances supplier accreditation and onboarding, maintaining high standards and minimising risk.
  • Enhanced supplier relationships: fosters stronger partnerships through efficient and transparent processes.

The DE Group considered several solutions but found Causeway to be the best fit due to its extensive features and potential for growth alongside their business.

By joining forces with Causeway, DE Group is set to transform their supplier management strategy, driving forward their commitment to quality, efficiency, and continuous improvement.

We're excited about this new chapter in our partnership with The DE Group and look forward to seeing the positive impact that Causeway Supplier Management will have on their business. 

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