National Highways is a government-owned company responsible for operating, maintaining, and improving the UK's motorways and A-roads. They are committed to ensuring that their diverse and extensive supply chain workforce is safe, competent, and efficient.


The challenge


With a vast and varied supply chain, National Highways faced significant challenges in managing the safety and competence of their workforce. The diversity of workers and the constant movement between projects created risks and inefficiencies, particularly in the areas of training, competence verification, and fatigue management.


The solution


To address these challenges, National Highways implemented the Highways Passport, powered by Causeway SkillGuard. This initiative provides a common induction process for all workers, ensuring consistent awareness of risks and hazards. Workers can register their credentials, including training records, in one centralised system, accessible via a physical card or a virtual card on their phones.


"Ensuring that the workforce remains safe and competent is key to delivering all of National Highways' work. Highways Passport is a supply chain initiative which we fully endorse and regard as best practice.


The scheme provides everyone who is working on our network with clear awareness of risks and hazards in a consistent manner and also ensures that everyone is aware of how their behaviours impact on themselves, colleagues, the industry, the environment and our customers. This aligns with our vision 'we want everyone who works with us and everyone who travels on our network to get home safe and well', and supports the delivery of our first imperative of Safety."


- Nick Harris, Chief Executive, National Highways


The result


The Highways Passport now has over 30,000 workers and more than 800 organisations registered. It has streamlined the induction process, saving time and money for supply chain partners. Workers can easily verify their credentials, and the messaging facility allows for targeted safety alerts. This system has significantly improved efficiency and safety, aligning with National Highways' commitment to getting everyone home safe and well.


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