Case Study: Sir Robert McAlpine uses Causeway's Design Solutions to Increase Design Efficiencies and Provide Confidence in Drainage Schemes

Sir Robert McAlpine is one of the largest building and Sir Robert McAlpinecompanies in the UK. Their in-house design capability adds value to construction projects and helps clients further reduce costs by saving time and providing expert value-engineered designs. Causeway provides the latest design technology supporting the business to deliver innovative, cost-effective solutions.

Causeway’s drainage design software gives Sir Robert McAlpine added confidence when tackling difficult design scenarios by providing live 2D and 3D visualization of the drainage network. Neil Liles, Principal Infrastructure Engineer, commented, “when I’m checking it, I find it visually easier to check so I’m not having to pour over the numbers so much”.

Design changes are common in large projects and can result in delays to a project. By automating the process Sir Robert McAlpine are able to speed up this process making valuable time savings to their clients. Ana Hubca, Infrastructure engineer said “adjusting the drainage was quicker, much quicker. If I would use an editing tool in the previous software, it would take me about 5 minutes to do it but in SmartTools it’s less than one minute. That’s the main benefit of using SmartTools, doing these design changes.”

“More confidence in design, quicker production”.

Neil Liles, Principal Infrastructure Engineer, Sir Robert McAlpine


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