Thames Water is the largest utility company in the UK, serving 15 million customers. As a major player in the industry, they are committed to maintaining the highest safety standards for their workforce, which includes a constant influx of contractor staff.


The challenge


Managing the safety training and credentials of a continually changing workforce was a significant challenge for Thames Water. They needed a reliable way to ensure that every worker on their sites had received proper health and safety training. Previously, many contractor staff did not receive this training as standard, leading to potential safety risks.


The solution


Thames Water implemented the Causeway SkillGuard system, initially creating its own Thames Water Health and Safety Passport. This system ensured that every contractor had completed a safety induction before starting work. Recently, it transitioned to the industry-wide SkillGuard for Utilities platform, further enhancing its capability to manage workforce safety across all its sites.


“The impact of Causeway SkillGuard on Thames Water has been huge. Before implementation, many of our contractor staff didn't receive health and safety training as standard.


Our safety improvements have been dramatic over the last eight years because of it. We've reduced our lost time injury frequency rate down to industry-leading standards.”


- Gareth Mullen, Head of Health, Safety and Wellbeing, Thames Water


The result


The implementation of Causeway SkillGuard has led to a dramatic improvement in safety standards at Thames Water. They have achieved an industry-leading safety performance rating, reducing it to below 0.10, which is on par with world-leading companies. The SkillGuard system has also enabled them to verify worker competencies quickly and efficiently, ensuring that everyone on-site has up-to-date training.


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