Causeway proudly welcomes Associated Technology Services Ltd as the latest organisation to purchase Causeway Vixen Contracting Professional licences.

As one of the UK’s leading Building Energy Management System specialists, Associated Technology Services offer high calibre environmental control solutions for all types of commercial, industrial, and residential buildings.

Looking to eradicate unnecessary risk and streamline existing processes, Associated Technology Services was searching for a solution that would enable them to integrate all aspects of estimating, job costing, project costing, financials, application management & Control and forecasting in a single platform with enhanced reporting capabilities.

To meet this need and connect disparate processes and systems, the organisation purchased Causeway Vixen Contracting licences within the Professional Bundle offering.

Causeway Vixen Contracting is an integrated MEP solution and comprehensive modular system designed to meet the needs of the modern building services contractor. Through the Professional Bundle, users of Vixen Contracting gain access to bespoke reporting and analytics, which enable the review of business critical KPIs in real-time.

For more information on Causeway Vixen Contracting, or to find out which bundle is best for your organisation, get in touch with Building Services Maintenance Specialist, Matt Tabard, on (0)1252 728735.

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