In a move to ensure readiness for BIM-based projects, and to improve its overall productivity, SDA Consulting has extended its use of Causeway’s CATO Cost & Programme Management suite to include the Cost Planning and BIMMeasure modules.

SDA Consulting LLP is a construction consultancy with a strong track record of providing a comprehensive range of services to the public and private sectors. The company has been using the CATO Bill of Quantities module for several years and decided to introduce more of the functionality that is available in the CATO suite.

Causeway BIMMeasure enables SDA to measure quantities directly from Building Information Models, as well as traditional 2D and 3D formats, helping the company to ensure it is able to participate productively in BIM projects.

Exploiting the integration between CATO modules, these quantities can then be exported directly into the NRM 1 Cost Planning module, which has been supplied complete with the Franklin & Andrews database.

Key benefits:

  • Dynamic and automated measurement from BIMs.
  • Increased opportunities to add value at an early stage of BIM projects.
  • Time-savings on take-off.
  • Direct integration between take-off and cost plan.
  • Improved visibility of cost data.
  • Reduced risk of errors in cost plans.

CATO | BIMMeasure automated take off NRM1

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