Causeway is pleased to welcome Lavingtons Chartered Quantity Surveyors, AMB3 Limited, CIGNIA Consulting Limited, and BLB Kilminster Beer LLP to the CATO platform.

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Lavingtons Chartered Quantity Surveyors

Lavingtons are Chartered Quantity Surveyors that have been operating in Richmond for over 50 years, delivering quantity surveying and project management services throughout the UK to blue chip clients. To ensure that every project they take meet clients’ needs and is delivered on time and within budget, Lavingtons conducted in-depth assessments of several different quantity surveying software systems. They chose to adopt CATO because they found themselves comparing all other software they explored back to CATO. The CATO feature that appealed to Lavingtons most was the integration between measurement and cost planning.

AMB3 Limited

AMB3 Limited is a newly founded business by quantity surveyors and project managers Sam Barnes and Patrick Kisz. Previously colleagues at a company that used Causeway products, the two co-founders were able to see the value and gains that Causeway provides. As a result, one of the first tools they implemented for their new company was CADMeasure, which they view as one of the core processes of their business.

CIGNIA Consulting Limited

CIGNIA Consulting Limited is a construction consultancy focused on quantity surveying, building surveying, and project management. They had been using quantity surveying software from a different provider that they felt was no longer suited to their fast-growing business and the amount of new clients they were bringing on board. After searching through available options, CIGNIA opted for the CATO Essentials Plan, which they are confident is the right software to keep their business moving forward.

BLB Kilminster Beer LLP

BLB Kilminster Beer LLP are Professional Quantity Surveyors and Project Managers serving construction projects throughout the UK across various sectors, including many blue chip organisations. They were using spreadsheets for a majority of their core services, which they found to be time-consuming. Spreadsheets did not allow multiple people to work on the same document at once, there was a large margin for potential error, and it was difficult to generate a new report. Therefore, the team chose to adopt CATO Essentials Plan to digitise their processes and allow for greater efficiency.

To learn more about how CATO can benefit your quantity surveying business, click here.

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