Causeway Technologies has acquired a specialist construction telemarketing company as it continues its journey to link every stage of the construction process with technology.

Enhance Consultancy generate qualified actionable leads for product manufacturers, connecting them with specifiers, contractors and architects.

Causeway CEO and Chairman Phil Brown says the purchase will help join the dots between pre-construction intelligence services such as BarbourABI and Glenigan with Causeway’s estimating and e-tendering solution. This, he argues, is a crucial step towards Causeway’s platform vision where pre-construction and procurement phases are fully integrated, giving buyers and sellers increased process efficiencies and data insights.

“On the face of it, it may seem strange for a technology company to buy a telemarketing company,” said Phil. “However, it completely aligns with our belief that the construction industry needs help activating and connecting processes between companies at every stage of the construction process – providing software solutions alone doesn’t make change happen quickly enough”.

Causeway has proven the success of combining its digital solutions with direct outbound telephone services in building Tradex, the UKs largest construction B2B transaction exchange, where 60,000 companies exchanged approaching £10bn in invoice value in 2020.

“The acquisition of Enhance brings us a team with fantastic knowledge about how construction product manufacturers secure leads and win work. This will enable Causeway to improve intelligence and processes between the tender phase and project delivery, while reducing a significant amount of repetition and waste between the pre-construction and procurement phases.”

Causeway’s aim is to transfer information seamlessly along this workflow, from the moment the manufacturer picks up the lead through to the product being specified, delivered to site and invoiced. This will speed up the process and significantly improve insights available to product manufactures when it comes to assessing the return on marketing investments.

Andy Mackie, managing director at Enhance, said: “Causeway's software innovations and its vast experience in the construction sector will help Enhance expand, innovate, and further improve our already well respected and trusted service to construction material providers.

“Our new, combined offer will provide a solution that runs from project conception to completion, automating and tracking key parts of the process. We believe that our integration with Causeway will give us a competitive edge, as well as increased market exposure and opportunities for accelerated growth.”

The purchase follows Causeway’s acquisition of Field Service Management (FSM) company Ermeo last month, which added further mobile development expertise to the business.

Phil added: “If you look at the road to digitisation in the industry, tools are primarily built to solve one specific problem, one company at a time. But, if construction continues to digitise in this way it will take a long time for the industry to reap the benefits that technology brings across and between all stakeholders”.

“Our ambition is to ensure that data flows seamlessly from left to right across the construction process, making our customers more efficient and their data more useful and actionable. That is the only way of driving better project outcomes, especially around value and quality.

“We will continue to look for other opportunities to bring in more solutions and expertise to help us on this journey.”

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