M+W Group is the latest of Causeway’s long-standing customers to extend its use of Tradex, joining CBRE and Barratt Homes in the growing list of organisations that have chosen to implement Tradex across divisions.

Having seen M+W UK’s success in consolidating and improving the quality of vendor information through Tradex Supplier Management, M+W Group Ireland has chosen to implement the system, de-risking their supply chain operations in the process.

Tradex Supplier Management is an integrated platform that delivers digital transformation across supplier accreditation, performance management and selection processes to reduce the operating costs of engaging and transacting with an organisation’s supply chain.

Barratt Homes has also extended its use of Tradex, using the platform to help manage the issuing, tracking and communication of defect notices between them and their subcontractors. By sending defect notices through Tradex Managed Email, Barratt Homes is able to automate the otherwise laborious process of issuing defect notices. The organisation has also been able to eliminate the need to chase vendors to confirm that they have received documents and completed the necessary works.

CBRE is yet another organisation that has found success with Tradex and is therefore transforming its use of the platform to drive further efficiencies across its divisions. As well as switching to the Tradex bundle subscription service, which offers the flexibility for users to pay only for the features and modules they truly need, CBRE Managed Services is now joined by CBRE GWS UK and Ireland as divisions that are using the Tradex platform.

For more information on Tradex and Supplier Management and how they are helping to transform supply chain performance through supplier accountability, visit the Tradex bundles page or get in touch with Tradex Growth Specialist, Aaron Ferdinand, directly on +44 (0) 1628 552225.

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