As a leader in highways infrastructure and urban development, Eurovia has a large, ever-expanding mobile workforce that needs to capture and access data in real-time. As a result, Eurovia required a solution that would enable them to rapidly develop and deploy device-agnostic mobile applications to employees without specialist resources.

To satisfy this exact need, Causeway designed the Mobile Platform, empowering end-users to design and publish their own mobile applications and capture data more effectively, regardless of the devices they use within their organisations.

“A number of years ago we started to look at how we would capture all of our information when we were doing our designs for our surface treatment activities. [We wanted to] make it electronic, make it paperless and really change it, so we used the Causeway Mobile Platform to create the Walk, Talk, Build app.” - Paul Goosey, Regional Director, Eurovia Specialist Treatments

Eurovia’s Walk, Talk, Build mobile application is a flagship innovation project that has digitised the capture of pre-construction site survey information for Eurovia’s entire resurfacing division. Delivered through the Causeway Mobile Platform, the application ensures Eurovia has accurate, up to information for costing and programming purposes, enabling comprehensive risk assessments and risk mitigation plans to be produced automatically.

The Walk, Talk, Build project has revolutionised both the speed of pre-construction site survey information capture and the quality of information Eurovia can provide to its clients. Significantly more pre-construction site surveys are now being performed in a given timeframe than were possible through the previous manual, paper form-based data capture process. Paul Goosey, Regional Director of Eurovia Specialist Treatments, explains:

“When we were using paper, we had lots of problems with the timeframe it was taking to complete all the paperwork.

“We had a lot of problems with loss of paperwork and when the information was coming back from site it wasn't being transposed correctly into the other systems we were looking to use. [Walk, Talk, Build] allows us to remove that uncertainty. It's allowed us to spend more time on planning and programing the works after the design has been completed.” - Paul Goosey, Regional director, Eurovia Specialist Treatments

Furthermore, accurate quantification and material information captured on the Walk, Talk, Build Mobile Application has enabled Eurovia to drive increased efficiencies in its procurement processes from suppliers. Eurovia now have better visibility of all material required across the resurfacing programmes.

Having already helped Eurovia deliver considerable operational efficiencies, the project is being showcased as an exemplar of project delivery within the organisation. Also, with the system to be adopted in other areas that require on-site and out-of-office data capture; Walk, Talk, Build is playing an increasingly central role in Eurovia’s shift towards a more digital culture. Speaking on Eurovia’s ambitions for the future, Paul Goosey commented:

"Eurovia want to drive forward with paperless society within everything that we do. Technology moves at such a rapid rate that we know as a business we have to be aligned to this. Having a mobile platform that is going to develop and allow us to have that information that we can provide that information to our clients and everyone else is where we're striving to be.”

The success of the project has driven Eurovia to proactively adopt the role of digital leader and advocate. For instance, Eurovia are increasingly encouraging their subcontractor organisations to use the Walk Talk Build Mobile Application as a way of capturing as-built information.

Through Walk, Talk, Build, the output of a pre-construction site survey is delivered directly to Eurovia’s clients, many of whom now perform pre-construction site surveys using the Walk, Talk, Build mobile application. Ultimately, this has provided Eurovia with the foundation it needs to demonstrate its forward-thinking approach to clients, as well as its appetite for digital leadership and innovative mobile solutions.

Having developed the underlying platform necessary for Eurovia and many other similar organisations to transform and digitise operations, Causeway is playing an increasingly central role in driving digital construction forward.

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