Many cost management specialists in the construction industry are preparing for greater involvement with Building Information Modelling (BIM) by taking advantage of the automated measurement facilities in Causeway’s BIM Measure. BIM Measure is available as a module within the CATO range or as part of the CATO PreCon Suite.

As the 2016 deadline approaches for mandatory use of BIM in government projects, quantity surveyors will increasingly find they are expected to have BIM functionality to participate in government construction projects.

A key benefit of BIM Measure is that it ensures quick and accurate extraction of quantities and properties from BIMs using automated features and scheduled measurements. As a result, cost consultants are able to respond faster to design changes, improving the service to their clients and enabling closer involvement with the project.

BIM Measure also makes it easy to share key management data between processes through comprehensive integration with other Causeway modules.

For instance, chartered quantity surveyors Moulton Taggart have recently implemented both BIM Measure and CATO Cost Planning, so that data measured from the BIM can be exported directly to Cost Planning.

Other companies – including The Brindley Partnership, Box Associates and Virtus Consult - have chosen the CATO PreCon Suite to provide a tailored package of ‘pre-construction’ cost management solutions. As well as BIM Measure, the PreCon suite includes QuickEst, Cost Planning and Take Off & Bills.

Key benefits

  • Fast measurement from BIMs.
  • Ability to respond faster to design changes.
  • Helps QSs add more value to the project.
  • Reduced duplication through integration between modules.
  • Complete pre-construction solution.


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