The urban sensors in place to support infrastructure development 

by Nick Smee, CEO at Yotta

Driverless cars are no longer just a far-fetched vision of the future. The clock is ticking on their introduction on the UK's roads now that UK ministers have announced plans to move forward with advanced trials for automated vehicles. The Department for Transport (DfT) recently issued a statement saying that the UK is "on track to meet its commitment to have fully self-driving vehicles on UK roads by 2011."

This driverless plan looks set to form part of the government's vision to upgrade infrastructure, working towards the smart city of the future. It also shows how seriously it is taking the need to invest in technology in order both to reduce emissions and improve traffic flow. The advent of driverless cars on ou roads is just one of a number of digital transformation projects that we expect to see gather momentum over the coming months and years as the vision of the smart city of tomorrow continues to take shape.

Read now more on CES May 2019 about how urban sensors and smart technology can transform the way infrastructure assets are managed.

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