Two businesses form alliance to bring disruptive technology to the sector.

Leamington Spa – 29th September 2020 – Smart waste technology company, Enevo has signed a partnership agreement with asset management provider, Yotta. The two companies will work together to provide joint waste management software and IoT solutions to local authorities, initially in the UK, and later internationally, to help councils get added value both from their infrastructure assets and their workforces.

Enevo’s IoT sensor technology solution allows authorities to monitor waste bins around the clock, enabling local authorities to optimise their collection schedules and then use the data generated to schedule collections, track missed pick-ups and reduce overflows. This process enables councils to make significant efficiency and resource savings.

Following the partnership with Yotta, local authorities will be able to use Yotta’s connected asset management software, Alloy to visualise and share high-quality data from the Enevo solutions via an application programming interface (API), enabling them to make more efficient use of their operational crews and back office resource. The ease of access to the data from the Enevo system that Alloy provides will also drive enhanced collaboration and more efficient decision-making across local authorities.

The two companies have long been aware of each other’s technology and there is a natural synergy in place. Both have solutions focused on deriving operational efficiencies and enhanced resource management for local authorities in the UK and further afield and both were quick to appreciate the enhanced benefits that could be achieved by working together.

Anique Bravenboer, Alliance Manager, Yotta, said: “We were able to quickly see that the two products complement each other well and that by working together we could achieve more than if we were operating in isolation. We are both technology disruptors in an industry that has historically been conservative but we believe this partnership has the potential to shake up the whole sector. Even our customers were approaching us unprompted to ask if we were doing business with Enevo because the synergy between our businesses was so clear.”

Andy Crofts, Director of Business Development EMEA, Enevo, said: “This partnership makes complete sense on every level. We both believe in the concept of ‘data to decisions’ and by collaborating we are able to deliver fully on this vision. By having a live feed of data from our solution into Yotta’s Alloy, customers will not only be able to optimise resources but also carry out their workforce optimisation, route planning and asset management much more efficiently.

“Between Yotta and ourselves, we also have a vast amount of experience in the waste world,” continued Crofts, “and being able to bring that combined experience to market alongside the technologies we deliver will allow us to provide a fully rounded package to help take local authorities to the next level of resource efficiencies.”

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