Yotta has announced it is delivering its visualised asset management software solution, Horizons and supporting services to Kent County Council. The announcement follows on from Yotta ‘s involvement in a successful bid for tender led by specialist highway surveying company, Ginger Lehmann.

The Council will be using Horizons to aid the development and delivery of its asset management strategy, develop lifecycle plans for its highway assets, monitor asset performance and provide evidence-based maintenance & investment decision making.

Horizons will support the Highways team at Kent to deliver long term value for money, targeted asset performance and excellent outcomes to road users across the county.

Yotta and Ginger Lehmann, which acquired the surveying arm of Yotta’s business in 2018, will work collaboratively on the project. Ginger Lehmann will deliver surveying services to the council and consult regularly with Yotta on progress on the asset management elements of the contract, which is contracted to run for two years. Ginger Lehmann will supply survey data to Yotta for analysis, in addition to providing a programme of how and when it should expect that data.

Horizons will enable the council to identify and prioritise areas of risk related to skidding resistance safety across the network, as well as enabling it to develop targeted future works programmes, build evidence for future funding bids, and effectively manage and maintain data related to its network assets.

Clive Lambourne, asset team leader, Kent County Council, said: “We are looking forward to working with Ginger Lehmann and Yotta over the next two years to continue surveying the condition of our roads. We hope to use their support to ensure our works are delivering the best long term value, take a strategic view of the condition our network and its expected future, and help develop our approach to asset management and data collection going forward.”

Yotta is also delivering a strong element of professional services and consultancy to support the Horizons implementation. Key to this will be a commitment to share industry best practice with the council and provide the highways team with the skills required to operate the system autonomously in the future. 

Robert Fox, commercial manager, Ginger Lehmann, said: “We are looking forward to working in partnership with Yotta on this project. Our bid for the contract was very much based on taking a collaborative approach to delivering the required services whereby Ginger Lehmann could deliver the highest quality survey data and Yotta could maximise the service provision through use of the highest quality software and asset management support.

We believe our joint approach will not only ensure Kent County Council benefit from the best value services available but also that in partnership, we can deliver a full surveying and asset management solution that goes above and beyond the original requirements, which will hopefully be of great benefit to the Council.” Julian Collins, principal consultant, Yotta, said: “Kent County Council is a forward-looking local authority, focused on delivering a best practice approach for Kent and driving continuous improvement through innovation. Both Yotta and Ginger Lehmann share that focus on quality of service delivery. Working with us on the project, Kent can be assured that they have invested in a service offering which will provide high quality data that can then be evaluated in a next-generation asset management system that can deliver outputs to help drive strategic decision-making for the council now and in the future.”


About Kent County Council

Kent County Council is a county council that governs most of the county of Kent in England. It is the upper tier of elected local government, below which are 12 district councils, and around 300 town and parish councils. It is one of the largest local authorities in England in terms of population served. The council maintains 5,400 miles of roads and around 3,900 miles of pavements. For more information, visit https://www.kent.gov.uk/

About Ginger Lehmann

Ginger Lehmann is a specialist highway surveying company, providing a range of UKPMS and bespoke surveying services to the UK and European markets. Ginger Lehmann Ltd is part of Groupe Ginger, a French-based engineering and infrastructure services provider that, as a leader in prescription engineering in France, serves a variety of public and private sector clients in construction, planning, and sustainable development. The Ginger Group and its subsidiaries employ 1,700 people worldwide and with over 60 areas of expertise, Ginger has cultivated multidisciplinary skills and trades, in order to provide its customers with fully-integrated solutions. The Group strives for technical excellence through a diversified, complementary and controlled range of services. To meet the most demanding needs and the challenges of the future, Ginger has put research and innovation at the core of its development strategy, an ethos shared by Ginger Lehmann Ltd in the UK surveying market.

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