The introduction of Causeway’s CATO Cost Planning module is helping McBains Cooper to produce accurate cost plans in less time, thereby improving productivity and response times to clients. This investment followed the company’s positive experience of the CATO Cost Management module, which has been in use since 2014.

McBains Cooper is an interdisciplinary property and construction consultancy that values effective collaboration and communication within teams, supported by clearly defined processes and procedures.

One challenge faced by the company in its quality control procedures was that it was very time consuming to trace errors in Excel-based cost plans. The self-calculating functionality of the CATO Cost Planning module minimises the risk of errors and also makes it very much easier to trace any that do occur. Thus it frees up resources and avoids delays in submissions to clients

Accessible across the company, Cost Planning also makes it easier to generate reports and ensures they are consistent in terms of branding and layout.

McBains Cooper has also implemented Causeway’s CAD Measure automated measurement tool so that quantities from drawings can be transferred directly to Cost Planning without the need to manually re-enter data. Similarly, data in the Cost Planning module can be quickly exported into Cost Management without re-keying.

Key benefits

  • Greatly reduced risk of errors.
  • Improved visibility of cost data.
  • Faster response to clients.
  • Consistent report layouts.
  • End-to-end flow of information from take-off to cost management.

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