Having decided to take measures to manage trading documents more efficiently and drive down costs, Interserve is adopting eTrading using Causeway Tradex.

Interserve is a leading support services and construction company with a complex supply chain to manage, involving the exchange of many thousands of trading documents such as invoices and purchase orders. Historically these have been managed manually but with the phased implementation of Tradex these processes will be automated so that manual intervention is only required when documents fail the validation checks built into the system. In Phase 1 Interserve will implement Tradex for receiving invoices and validating them against purchase orders with its top 20 trading partners, 13 of which are already using Tradex to manage their own trading documents. Subsequent phases will see the Tradex solution rolled out further down the supply chain. In implementing Tradex, Interserve anticipates making significant cost savings while also increasing productivity. Tradex users typically report reductions in the cost of processing invoices by up to 63% in comparison with traditional methods, with handling times reduced by up to 50%. Please visit the Causeway Tradex site for more information.

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