Leading groundworks and concrete frame contractor A. J. Morrisroe & Sons Ltd has selected Causeway Estimating to help the company streamline the production of estimates and increase productivity. The Estimating system will join the Causeway Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Financial Accounting already used by Morrisroe.

The company has been using Excel spreadsheets for the management of estimates and decided to evaluate a number of the proprietary estimating systems on the market.

“We saw Causeway Estimating demonstrated at a customer day and were very impressed by its functionality. There were also clear benefits to sourcing the system from Causeway, as we were already dealing with them,” recalled Morrisroe Financial Controller, Prem Nair.

Estimating Director, Clement Timlin added:

“The new estimating system should make the estimating process faster by taking care of many of the time-consuming tasks, such as breaking down labour plans and material budgets to the way we require. We will also be able to tie estimate information to the tender information that is already logged on the Causeway system, increasing visibility of estimate information within the company.”

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