We are pleased to announce that the Network Rail Sentinel system, supplied by Causeway Technologies, has come runner-up in the Organisational Agility category at the prestigious Leadership Awards.

The Leadership Awards is run by the Institute of Leadership and recognises individuals or teams within organisations who have demonstrated exceptional leadership skills and qualities.

The Sentinel system is a SkillGuard implementation that covers the entirety of UK rail. It is the largest worker passport in the world and is widely regarded as the gold standard in mobile workforce management with over 120,000 users across 2,000 companies.

Every worker on the railway holds a Sentinel Card, certifying their competence. This card not only identifies the holder but also grants or restricts access to specific locations and equipment based on qualifications and permissions.

By creating a comprehensive ecosystem, Causeway and Network Rail have ensured that every individual working on the railway is competent, medically fit, and trained to the highest standards. This has not only improved the safety of railway operations but also enhanced the public's confidence in rail travel.

Tanya Morris, Business Development Director at Causeway said: 

“We are thrilled to work closely with Network Rail on this project. It's a testament to the incredible collaboration and dedication demonstrated by both teams, this achievement is a shining example of what happens when innovation meets excellence.

A big congratulations to Network Rail for their well-deserved recognition, and a sincere thank you for choosing Causeway as your trusted partner.”

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