CDS Group joins Rose Builders and road marking contractor Wilson & Scott as the latest organisations to purchase Causeway Estimating licences.

Looking to produce more comprehensive reports on tenders and streamline processes for increased efficiency, commercial fit out experts CDS Group made the transition from Excel to the Causeway Professional Estimating bundle. The Professional bundle is specifically designed for those needing to estimate, take-off and send enquiries to subcontractors and suppliers and is one of the three distinct bundles Causeway offers to provide estimators and contractors with the features and capabilities they need without incurring the cost of unnecessary modules.

Rose Builders is another organisation that has recently opted for the Professional bundle. Given the repetitive nature of groundworks, the business’s groundworks division was searching for a solution that would enable them to integrate take-off and pull through data from previous work, saving time and speeding up the estimating process. With this criteria in mind, Tender Register - a module included as part of all Causeway Estimating bundles - made the solution a clear choice for Rose Builders.

Wilson & Scott also looked to Causeway Estimating to save time in their estimating processes, purchasing Professional bundle licences to minimise the errors that can result from the manual re-entry of take-off quantities from drawings. Causeway Estimating will also allow Wilson & Scott to more effectively determine margins on projects and manage the expected increases in workload that their staff will face.

With Causeway Estimating being included in IT Intelligence Markets’ recent list of top estimating software packages, and chosen by a growing number of specialist contractors, it’s becoming clear that organisations are increasingly seeing the value in switching from spreadsheets and industry alternatives to Causeway’s specialist estimating solution.

For more information on the benefits of switching from spreadsheets to a specialist estimating solution, download our short guide detailing 20 compelling reasons to make the switch, or get in touch with the Causeway Estimating team on (0)1628 552207.

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