The Street Works community is embarking on a period of great change. The arrival of the Street Manager project gets ever nearer and we at Yotta are preparing ourselves for this new phase. The Mayrise product has a strong and rich heritage within Street Works and we wish to build further upon that during the implementation of Street Manager. We have been working with the DfT to ensure that we can provide our customers a route from the EToN  framework to Street Manager in as smooth a fashion as is possible.

It’s clear that this is a complex endeavour, which is constantly evolving and that a flexible approach has to be mandated. We are determined to assist the DfT and other interested parties as much as we can. More detail is becoming available but while it is still under development, clear and definite commitments about detailed product functionality are  difficult to make. However, I thought it was appropriate to make a statement to our customers so that they feel assured about Yotta’s commitment.

1. Ongoing support for Mayrise Street Works

Yotta will continue to support the Mayrise Street Works product. We understand that our customers will need access to their historical information and we will continue to make this available.

2. Integration with Street Manager for Mayrise and Alloy (including mobile applications)

Yotta will provide functions from within our applications to allow them to integrate with Street Manager. This relies upon the API from the DfT, however we are assured that these functions will be provided and it is our intention to make full use of them. These functions will be provided free of charge to our customers as part of the annual support charge.

3. Maximising the opportunity

Yotta will continue to work closely with the community to ensure that every possible benefit that Street Manager may bring can be enjoyed by our customers. We will not seek to follow a course of meeting the minimum requirements but will strive to ensure that our user experience is as good as it possibly can be.

4. The success of Street Manager

We are absolutely committed to making Street Manager a success. The project is a difficult one and requires many organisations to change the way they carry out their day to day tasks. Yotta is no different and we will work with you and the wider community to play our part in making the evolution of Street Works in England a huge success.

I would encourage you to speak with your Account Manager to discuss your thoughts on the forthcoming changes. As things progress and the detail of how Street Manager will work with other applications is agreed, we will provide further updates to you so that we can prepare together for Street Manager’s arrival.

Nick Smee, CEO at Yotta

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