Specialist groundworks and civil engineering contractor P J Brown joins The Bennie Group as the latest in a growing number of contractors switching to Causeway Estimating.

Comprised of various divisions ranging from bulk earthmoving to equipment hire, The Bennie Group decided to switch from ConQuest to Causeway Estimating following a thorough market review of alternatives that offer the integrated Take Off and BIM capability they required.

With both a licence model and the ability for multiple users to see estimating data counted among the top items on The Bennie Group’s wishlist, the Causeway Professional Estimating Bundle proved an obvious choice for the company, who supplemented the package with Causeway Earthworks, a dynamic digital modelling module for modelling existing topographical, sub-surface and proposed surfaces.

P J Brown, who initially used Excel and had to perform significant manual re-entry, also identified a clear and growing need to reduce the risk of human error and increase efficiency in their estimating and Take Off processes. As part of their review of potential solutions, the company requested a demonstration of Causeway Estimating before purchasing a number of concurrent Professional Bundle licences.

The Professional Bundle is one of the three distinct bundles Causeway offers to provide estimators and contractors with the features and capabilities they need without the cost of those they don’t. With Causeway Estimating recently named as one of the top estimating software packages by IT Intelligence Markets, contractors are increasingly seeing the value in switching from Excel and industry alternatives to Causeway’s specialist estimating solution.

For more information on Causeway Estimating, download our short guide or get in touch with Franco Iannaccone on (0)1628 552119.

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