The BIM capabilities of the Line and Sign modules in Causeway’s Professional Design Suite (PDS) are helping international engineering consultancy Buro Happold meet growing requirements for designs using Building Information Modelling.

Buro Happold straddles a wide diversity of expertise and specialities encompassing technical, economic, consulting, planning, design and problem solving expertise. The company is a leader in the delivery of holistic integrated engineering solutions and is therefore fully committed to broadening the use of BIM.

Having been using another software package for the design of markings and signs in civil engineering projects, the company found that this product was not able to deliver the BIM functionality that was increasingly required for such projects. Having considered a number of alternative options Causeway’s PDS Line and Sign modules were selected.

Causeway Line is an easy to use CAD-independent software solution for the creation, annotation and quantification of road markings, which can be incorporated into the BIM and export their intelligence to BIM collaboration tools.

Offering the same ease of use as Line, the Sign module provides flexible and powerful features for the design and preparation of traffic signs in drawings, including post and foundation calculations. Sign siting is incorporated into the BIM and related attribute data is again easily transferred to BIM collaboration tools.

Key benefits

  • BIM compliant.
  • Signs and markings are incorporated in the BIM.
  • Attribute and other data is easily transferred to BIM collaboration tools.
  • Easy to use with no specialist CAD skills required.
  • Dynamic updating of markings and sign information when designs change.
  • Sign structure calculations included.
  • Exceptional accuracy as all annotations settings out and quantities are generated from the markings model.
  • Intelligent data integration with the ability to accept and re-use data.

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