Yotta is helping Halton Borough Council fully understand the condition of their highway asset with a complete package of network surveys, software and consultancy services. The fully managed solution from Yotta includes high tech road surveys as well as the implementation of Yotta’s asset management solution Horizons. Yotta is also working in partnership with Halton Borough Council to ensure they get maximum benefit from their investment in data and software by generating a customised and calibrated Works Programme, Scenario Projection Modelling and safety analysis using STAT19 accident information and Skidding Resistance survey data.

“The highway network is the most valuable asset the Council has and maintaining it, so that it remains safe to use and fit for purpose, is a high priority,” commented Councillor Tom McInerney, Executive Board Member for Transportation; “The data from Yotta gives us an independent assessment of the current physical condition of the carriageway and footway networks. This data and the supporting consultancy services are essential in prioritising works, preparing funding bids, such as the recent Pothole application, and understanding the state of our roads in the context of the National Road Condition data.”

As part of the ongoing contract Yotta has carried out a number of annual surveys on behalf of the Council including a SCANNER (Surface Condition Assessment for the National NEtwork of Roads) survey and a SCRIM (Sideway-force Coefficient Routine Investigation Machine) survey. Yotta also provided a CVI (Coarse Visual Inspection) and FNS (Footway Network Survey). Horizons, Yotta’s visualised Software-as-a-Service (“SaaS”) asset management solution, was implemented as a platform by Yotta to allow Halton Borough Council to view their Condition Data, visualise other Council records and for Yotta to generate Works Programmes and Scenario Projection Modelling on Halton Council’s behalf.

“The Horizons software give us an easy to use, easy to share, picture of the entire network,” continued Prakash Sinha, Senior Engineer Asset Management; “We can integrate the survey data with other layers of information to provide a clear visual representation of condition. With support from Yotta and using Horizons we can also determine the effect of different maintenance approaches based on available funding and other variable factors.”

In addition to the software and surveys, Yotta technical consultants completed a number of projects designed to maximise the return on the investment made by Halton Borough Council in data capture and management systems. These included a ten year projection modelling analysis to understand the effects of different highway funding strategies and the impact on survey data, National Reported Indicators, the maintenance backlog, the cost of accidents on the local economy and predicted reactive maintenance cost over the ten years. From this Yotta was able to produce a number of scenarios including Whole of Life costings and Benefit / Cost comparisons.

Yotta also completed projects to provide Halton with a safety analysis of the highway network, including identification of locations requiring further investigation in line with the Councils’ own Skid Policy, and the generation of a calibrated Works Programmes tailored to the Council’s specific requirements using local experience and knowledge.

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