Infrastructure Asset Management Company Yotta announcing the appointment of its new Director of Marketing Jessica Dye to strengthen the firms marketing function.


Leamington Spa, UK, 04 January 2018 – In a move designed to drive global growth, infrastructure technology company Yotta has appointed Jessica Dye as its new Director of Marketing. Dye’s appointment is part of a company-wide push behind marketing to engage with customers and partners in multiple geographies, following the successful launch of the company’s flagship Connected Asset Management platform Alloy earlier this year.

“Jessica’s appointment is vital to our strategic aim of global growth,” says Nick Smee, CEO, Yotta. “Yotta has huge recognition in our home market and we want to mirror this as we nurture the brand within other countries. We have invested millions of pounds to create Alloy, and as that investment is continued to meet the challenges of the future, we have the need to create a wider, deeper marketing function to inform and engage with our growing customers and partners around the world.”

Built from scratch to take advantage of modern technology and emerging smart city and highways infrastructures, the next two Alloy modules slated for release in the first half of 2018 are focussed on environmental areas. Accompanying Assets Core and specialised functionality for Street Lighting practitioners, Yotta will deliver unique functionality for the management of Green Spaces, followed by the development of a comprehensive Environmental Services capability.

“We see Alloy as heralding a new era of Connected Asset Management. It is a real differentiator for us in the marketplace, but it also provides a critical feedback loop to our product teams who are ever-hungry for inspiration to help drive the future evolution of the system. We are already operating in more than 24 countries worldwide. Jessica’s marketing experience and expertise will help us spread the word about Alloy and the rest of our solutions portfolio both in these territories and further afield,” adds Smee.

“In recent years, I have witnessed a huge shift in customer and buyer behaviour.” says Dye. “This is one of the reasons why marketing is such an exciting place to be right now, especially in an organisation like Yotta, with its focus on developing innovative technology and delivering customer value through exciting tools like Alloy and our highway asset management software, Horizons, which has achieved successful implementations in the UK, Europe, South America and Australia. A key part of my role will be to illustrate the true value our solutions can bring to our customers and deliver relevant, yet creative, marketing to a global market.”

Before joining Yotta, Dye was Head of Marketing, Northern Europe, Vodafone Global Enterprise, and prior to that, she was Head of Marketing, UK and Ireland for Veeam Software. In total, she has over 20 years’ sales and marketing experience.

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