Technology company, Yotta has announced that it has signed a non-exclusive reseller agreement with the Sweden-based Roads Surveying Technology division (RST) of leading engineering, design and consultancy company, Ramboll.

Yotta will provide technical support and training to Ramboll which will initially focus on selling Yotta’s highway asset management software solution, Horizons, to highways departments of municipalities and councils within its target countries.

“We are looking forward to working in close collaboration with Yotta to deliver its high-quality Horizons software to clients and add value and strength to our own surveying proposition in engaging with them,” says Peter Ekdahl, Director, RST, Ramboll. “Working with Yotta and its Horizons software gives us the opportunity to extract more strategic insight from the data we gather and also enables us to provide greater insight to our clients into the state of their infrastructure assets today and the options they have to maintain and upgrade it.”

“Adding Yotta’s Horizons software to our overall solutions portfolio allows us to effectively provide a one-stop shop to clients,” he adds. “We can deliver a comprehensive service offering, incorporating not just condition data but also strategic asset management software and, with the help of Yotta, supporting services also.

“This will in turn help clients to enhance the decision-making process and plan ahead by more effectively exploring the likely impact of different programmes of work and long term maintenance strategies,” continues Ekdahl.

Yotta is currently training Ramboll RST users on the Horizons software. The technology company is also developing a Swedish language version of Horizons to help Ramboll streamline the sales process by demonstrating the software to clients and prospects. Ramboll is now actively engaging highways administrations across the region with the new Yotta Horizons proposition.

Simon Topp, director of marketing and international business at Yotta, commented: “we are excited to be working in partnership with Ramboll. The Nordic market for highways infrastructure asset management is a diverse one and there are extensive challenges to address.

“However, we also see significant opportunities,” he adds. “Working with Ramboll will give Yotta much greater access to the Nordic and Polish markets. The combination of Ramboll’s in-depth market understanding; far-reaching engineering capability and customer knowledge with the Horizons software and our own strategic asset management expertise enables us to present a compelling service offering to national, regional and local highways administrations across the region.”


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