Causeway’s infrastructure design solution provides a complete set of integrated modules designed to streamline workflows, reduce risk, and to ensure value is engineered into every design. With the latest technology developments there is always something new to learn that will help streamline your design workflows and save you lots of time. Here are a few popular tips and tricks to get you started.

Design Platform

The design platform command allows you quickly assess optimum site levels. When a plateau is moved, the associated batters to the existing ground will auto update in real time. You can assign a level to any string and the batters and volumes from that level will be calculated to the existing ground level. You can then raise or lower the platform and the batters and volumes will auto update.

Designing perimeter levels around an amorphous 3D shape

Engineers will often come across areas that aren’t appropriate for alignment design such as a carpark or entrance area to a building. The Design Surface Perimeter command allows you to calculate levels around the perimeter of an amorphous shape.

Display invert levels within a manhole text box

Invert levels can now be displayed in the manhole text boxes to reduce time spent 'downstream' in CAD.You can change the appearance of the drainage annotation using the Configure Annotation Style panel, for example to display invert levels adjacent to the pipes or in the text boxes.

How to cap off the end of a road alignment

If a road alignment isn’t capped off, the associated features will just stop. To ensure features continue around the back of the road you can cap off an alignment using a free form turning head.

Annotating levels on footpaths, the centreline of a carriageway and around junctions

Level annotations on footpaths are useful for calculating driveway gradients that may back onto the footpath. Annotating centreline levels is often a requirement for setting out drawings. The Annotate Feature command allows you to quickly and easily add these annotations in multiple formats.

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