If you are considering switching your estimating solution, you may be thinking - how much will really change?

Making the switch could not only save your business time and money but it could also boost productivity across your entire estimating function.

Delve into the benefits of Causeway Estimating to find out why Estimators continue to choose our ever-evolving solution.


Developed by Estimators for Estimators

What’s unique about our solution is that it has been built and continuously developed by Estimators for Estimators.

With this expert knowledge on board, our users are provided confidence in the use of the software, the ability to quickly check for potentially costly errors, and transparency in how prices have been developed.


Maximise the use of historic projects

Data Provides a deeper understanding of your marketplace and helps you make better business decisions

We can provide templates to enable the import of historic data in Causeway Estimating. We can provide support for the template population and data load.

Our team of technical consultants would work with you to ensure a successful implementation, they bring a wealth of industry knowledge which can be benefitted and shared throughout the transitional phase.


Save time with advanced search

The time-saving features in our estimating system will be your new best friend.

Our advanced search features make the whole process much quicker and should be utilised wherever possible. For instance, a lot of time can be saved if an estimator is able to find a previous estimate (using the historic data mentioned above), where they can search for similar items to those that are currently being priced.

With the added ability to be able to set the search criteria, the user has then got the pricing trends at their fingertips, making estimating more accurate and reducing risk.


Integration with eTender

Our solution is designed to transform supply chain performance and reduce the time and cost of handling subcontractor pricing.

With Causeway Estimating you automate the sending and receiving of tender enquiries from suppliers and subcontractors.


Key to collaboration

Utilising the Causeway License Manager, estimating customers can collaborate in a transparent manner. This is particularly important in a post-pandemic world, with the rise of remote and homeworking, which is set to stick around.

Causeway software provides global access for multiple users, wherever they happen to be. This means estimating teams don’t have to worry about falling behind on deadlines if a member of the team can’t make it into the office, as restricted/machine-specific working is eradicated.


Unbeatable customer service

Our customers are at the heart of everything we do, that is why we work in partnership with them and are always keen to collaborate. 

With Causeway Estimating, all clients have a dedicated Account Manager who will work closely with them through implementation and on an ongoing basis.  The Account Manager will be supported by a dedicated support team and the Estimating Product Owner.  

We take pride in our Customer Support and aim to resolve software queries with minimum disruption to your business by responding to all calls within targeted guidelines, providing ongoing communication through to resolution and taking ownership of any request for support.


We are experts in transition

As mentioned before, our support team is waiting for you!

We are the experts in transitioning companies from other software, which means no time is wasted.

Due to an easy set-up process and the rich functionality of our product, new users can quickly start obtaining value from our user-friendly software whilst also having the ability to carry out the more complex, functions an estimator would require.


We know the construction industry inside out

Our core purpose and passion is to digitally enable the global construction industry.

Having worked within this marketplace for over 30 years, you can maintain confidence that Causeway's estimating software suite will provide you with a comprehensive range of tools to meet any estimator's needs.

Our bundles are designed with your business needs in mind, without the cost of unnecessary features.

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