In the 124th year since the birth of Dr Ambedkar, as marked recently by a ‘Google doodle’, the Causeway Foundation has provided Ambedkar Memorial Higher and Primary School in Bangalore with broadband connectivity and an AV facility. This follows the earlier provision of an English teacher for the primary school, as well as uniforms, shoes and notebooks for all of the school’s 250 students.

The AV facility is now being used to enable two-way engagement via Skype between pupils in Bangalore and a school in Worcestershire, England to support cultural awareness and exchange of ideas, experience and learning.

Founded in 1981, Ambedkar School is a government-run co-educational establishment with classes from 1st to 10th grade and caters for the very poorest children in the city. One of the key benefits of the Causeway Foundation’s involvement is providing students with support that they would not receive at home.

The Foundation’s support for the school is also expected to attract further investment by the government to improve facilities and staffing levels.

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