This past weekend, the hottest of 2017 so far, 11 members of Causeway travelled 300 miles from Land’s End to Bourne End by bicycle to raise money for the Causeway Foundation.


At the time of writing, the amount raised is £11,460 of the £12,500 target.

These funds will contribute to the annual costs for:

The Dr Ambekhar School in Bangalore

  • Uniforms and shoes for 250 children per year
  • A teacher, a maid and computer equipment for the school
  • New chairs and tables for the school

The Infant Jesus Clinic Covent Health Centre in Bangalore

  • Computer equipment for the clinic
  • A blood monitoring machine
  • Wages for a full time doctor

“This trip has been rewarding as we all try to do this together,” says Paul Madeira, Chief Customer Officer at Causeway. “It’s been tough with a few cuts, sprains and bruises but we were all determined to finish as we rode in temperatures of above 30 degrees Celsius.”

“We would like to thank everyone for their ongoing support throughout this journey and for their contributions,” Madeira continued.

The team departed from Land’s End on the morning of Friday, 16th June and arrived in Bourne End at about 3:30pm on Monday, 19th June.

At the time of writing, we are just £1,000 short of our target.

To contribute to this cause, please click here.

Please note that every pound you donate will be matched by Causeway UK.


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