On Tuesday 3rd March 2020 the Causeway design team hosted a webinar which outlined how the new Design and Construction Guidance (DCG) code of adoption, which replaces Sewers for Adoption 8 (SfA8), will impact on drainage design adoption and compliance.

The new rules come into force in April 2020 and are designed to help accelerate house building by smoothing the transfer of ownership, responsibility and ensure the assets are effectively managed and maintained. The planned regulatory changes have a particular emphasis on SuDS as long term solutions and are expected to increase demand on more specialist inputs and technological solutions. You can download a copy of the Sewerage Sector Guidance from Water UK here (Appendix C – Design and Construction Guidance).

We were very pleased to be joined by Chris Patmore, Technical Director (SuDS) at WSP Water Specialisms who kicked of the webinar by delivering a summary of the new DCG code of adoption agreements and what is expected from developers of new sewerage assets that are to be transferred to the local water companies. These new rules will set standards for constructing Sustainable Drainage systems (SuDS) on new housing developments. Allowing for the management and maintenance of SuDS to be quickly and easily taken over once the development has been completed.

Following this Phillip Clay, HS2 Drainage Lead at Arup shared his insight on the industry and discussed how best to prepare for the future. Strategic planning for water offers a great opportunity to design a living environment that is healthier, more attractive and has greater biodiversity and resilience to climate change. Phillip shares his experience with one of the most high-profile projects, HS2, that demands cutting-edge solutions to fulfil the project requirements to maintain natural flow regimes and ensure future proofing of the project.



Finally, Netsanet Mebrate, Product Owner of Causeway’s drainage design solutions, gave a demonstration of how digital technology can allow engineers to produce optimal, efficient and UK compliant designs. He covered some of the most cutting-edge features that demonstrate how technology can enable engineers to easily produce complex drainage schemes and streamline design.

If you have any questions or are interested in Causeway’s drainage design solution you can get in touch here.

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