The UK construction industry is on the cusp of a digital revolution, with innovative technologies promising to revolutionise the way projects are managed, executed, and sustained.

In a recent collaboration, Causeway Technologies and market research specialists Vanson Bourne have released a comprehensive industry report titled "Beyond the Basics – How UK Construction is Using Digital Solutions to Achieve Efficiency, Integration, and Sustainability."

This report provides valuable insights into the present level of digital maturity within the construction sector. Drawing from the perspectives of more than 175 decision-makers and influencers across the construction industry, the publication delves into their insights and opinions on the present intersection of digital advancements and sustainability.

Discrepancy between perception and reality

While many businesses in the UK construction industry claim to be digitally mature, the report uncovers a significant discrepancy between self-perceived digital maturity and the actual adoption of new technologies. Despite the growing inclination towards digitalisation, common challenges hinder the widespread utilisation of digital tools. The research identifies administrative tasks, resistance to change, and a lack of internal ownership as the top obstacles to successful digital transformation.

Key findings on digital maturity

The report presents key findings that provide valuable insights into the digital maturity and technology adoption within the industry. Surprisingly, 68% of respondents believe their organisation to be highly digitally mature, showcasing a strong awareness of the importance of digitalisation in the construction sector. However, despite this positive trend, there remains a critical need for improved digital solutions as a staggering 94% of organisations still heavily rely on manual spreadsheets.

Embracing sustainability through digital tools

In addition to efficiency and integration, the report also highlights the potential of digital tools in promoting sustainability within the construction industry. An overwhelming 96% of construction businesses acknowledge the role of technology in driving decarbonisation and energy efficiency efforts. This signifies a growing awareness of the benefits of leveraging digital solutions to foster environmentally sustainable practices.

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As the construction industry strives to meet the challenges of the future, embracing digitalisation will be crucial in achieving efficiency, integration, and sustainability. The "Beyond the Basics" report by Causeway Technologies and serves as a wake-up call for construction businesses, shedding light on the existing gap between digital perception and reality. It underscores the pressing need for integrated solutions that can empower construction organisations to overcome obstacles in their digital transformation journeys.

Causeway Technologies remains committed to playing a pivotal role in empowering construction organisations with intelligent, end-to-end solutions that enhance decision-making throughout the construction lifecycle.

Download the full report here and learn more about the research findings.

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