If you are already utilising Causeway Tradex as your e-invoicing solution, you can now store, manage and archive your invoices within Tradex Doc Store. Ultimately it is what it says on the tin.

Causeway Tradex Doc Store is a cloud-based document repository with fully configurable role-based access to documents that have been sent by Causeway Tradex such as invoices, credit notes, orders, dispatch notes and their supporting documents. Documents are automatically uploaded from Tradex as they are received. 

Why use Tradex Doc Store 

  1. Compliance Management & Improved Governance

    To support legislation compliance, Tradex Doc Store allows you to archive all your documents whilst simultaneously removing the need for paper archives. Storage of invoices, credit notes, orders and other documentation is important to retain and have in an organised environment to ensure it can always be referred back to when required.

  2. Document Sharing

    We understand the need to share documents received through Causeway Tradex with other areas of your business. Causeway Tradex Doc Store allows you to share direct links to specific documents from other products, typically finance/ERP systems with a seamless single sign-on.

  3. Accessibility

    Causeway Tradex Doc Store being in the cloud provides a secure hosted environment with fast efficient access from anywhere.

  4. 3rd party integrations

    To ensure you can get the most out of Causeway Tradex Doc Store, you can store documents previously hosted in your finance/ERP system. Enabling you to house these documents with invoices that you receive through Causeway Tradex in one single place.

  5. Historical Document Management 

Causeway Tradex Doc Store can be uploaded with existing historical archived documents to enable you to manage all your archived documents in one place and utilise as a comprehensive document repository.

To find out more about how to get the most out of Causeway Tradex Doc Store, get in touch with your Account Manager of a member of the Causeway team. 


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