If construction businesses are going to extract the maximum benefit from software solutions for tasks such as estimating, bidding, and taking off, the software must be easy to use and have all the required functionality.

When the solution is not user-friendly, it can make work difficult and frustrating for your team.

Ease of use, combined with the ability to carry out the more complex tasks (that an experienced Estimator would require) are vital components for any Estimating software. 

Built for construction 

When evaluating your current estimating software or a potential new solution, it is firstly important to consider if it has been developed specifically for construction, is the software fit for purpose, does it speak your language? As an example, Causeway Estimating has been designed and developed for estimators, by estimators with client feedback and engagement ensuring we remain relevant to today's changing landscape and best in class. Causeway itself has been providing digital technology solutions to the construction industry for nearly a quarter of a century. 


Simple and streamlined 

The next question you need to ask is does the solution make the whole process as simple and as efficient as possible? If you have to use separate and unconnected packages for take-off, enquiries and estimating you may be wasting time and effort, as well as risking errors in transferring information from one to the other. Causeway Estimating has an integrated CAD/BIM Measure tool that allows rapid take-off and measurement. It works with a range of 2D, 3D and full BIM file types even Revit files without a Revit licence. 


Support, every step of the way 

In addition, the support you receive from the software supplier is also an important consideration. Having easy access to product experts, who understand both the industry and your business, is essential if you have a question or need guidance to help you get the most out of the software. Every Causeway customer has a dedicated account manager, who is backed up by a team of product specialists to provide the help and support you need, whatever the requirement. 




Ready to spot the difference? 

Finally, given the importance of this type of software to the business, it is vital that customers can see a plan for the future direction of the solution. Customers should also be able to influence the ongoing development where they have suggestions or ideas that would improve the user experience. This is something that we at Causeway put at the centre of our approach. Causeway Estimating is continually evolving, with a working roadmap of product developments that we then share with customers. We work closely with users of our software and their feedback is a core part of how we shape the next phase of development. 

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