Bath & North East Somerset Council has chosen Causeway Alloy for its Grounds and Play Solution, reinforcing our long-standing partnership. Causeway's proven track record in successfully delivering software solutions to Bath & North East Somerset (B&NES) has revolutionised their workflow, significantly enhancing asset and frontline service management efficiency.

Causeway is committed to providing technology to enhance infrastructure asset management. We proudly support over 200 UK Local Authority and private sector clients, helping them achieve their goals daily through our innovative software solutions.

B&NES sought a digital Grounds & Play solution to transition from traditional methods. Previously reliant on spreadsheets and paper, B&NES is now aiming to digitise their asset and schedule management.

Causeway’s Alloy Asset Management System, already crucial for managing B&NES’s Street Lighting and electrical assets, provided a seamless expansion path into new service areas.

The choice of Causeway’s cloud-based solution offers B&NES multiple advantages, including:

  • Enhanced system speed and usability.
  • Reliable, configurable mobile working, streamlining operations and improving efficiency.
  • Asset visualisation for smarter decision-making.
  • Comprehensive audit trails to providence evidence against claims.
  • A unified system to manage diverse assets, from flower beds, hedges, grass maintenance, to in-park infrastructure.
  • Future-proof flexibility for expanding service management to additional assets.
  • Seamless integration with third-party systems for enhanced citizen engagement.
  • Efficient data extraction to update council GIS systems.

The project's success for B&NES relies on clear objectives and carful change management. Causeway's 'Blueprints' will simplify the implementation by offering pre-configured solutions based on best practices, including assets, workflows, and reports designed for Grounds & Play service management.

Our solutions equip asset-rich organisations like B&NES with the ability to connect assets and data types, enhancing their decision-making capabilities for improved efficiency. With Causeway Alloy, B&NES can transition from outdated methods to a modern, adaptable platform, that keeps pace with the digital transformation demands of its citizens. It provides essential insights for users across all levels, enabling better decisions that positively impact the community.

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