The Bennie Group has adopted Causeway Ermeo to support its data-driven approach to construction and to get ahead as early technology adopters.

The family-run organisation bought the mobile workforce management solution towards the end of Christmas 2021. In fact, they have already converted several paper processes into digital workflows – including an interesting use case: Christmas turkeys.

Every Christmas, The Bennie Group gifts its employees with a turkey. Because Causeway Ermeo turns any process into a digital workflow, they did just that. Staff will order this year’s poultry using forms created on the solution.

Causeway Ermeo is a mobile workforce management solution that lets you build workflows and customisable forms, taking any paper process and making it digital.

We spoke to Matthew Ayres, Group MD, about the more business-critical use cases for the solution and the importance of digital culture in construction.

A flying start

How fast you can rollout and get going with Causeway Ermeo is one of its biggest advantages.

“It’s very much self-service. If you’ve got someone with half a brain, which of course we do, then they could pick it up pretty quickly,” says Matthew.

Like another early adopter, Hanson Contracting, The Bennie Group has adapted fast because of its simplicity.

“It's web-based. It’s drag and drop functionality. Of course, there are some quirks to understand and learn, but I think we had half an hour training and we’ve cracked on and started rapidly prototyping in the business.”

“The whole point of the platform is that it’s so adaptable, scalable and agile,” says Matthew.

Causeway Ermeo is already being used across The Bennie Group’s five companies operating in construction, footwear & equipment industries.

“So, as well as enabling our staff to order their Christmas turkeys, the team are using them (digital forms) for weekly and monthly safety checks.

“For incidents on-site, we have an HR instant system, but it’s very slow. We’re looking to swap the initial investigation reporting, which was a word document, with an Ermeo process.”

Building “no-code” workflows

Causeway Ermeo has a “no-code” editing studio where The Bennie Group’s team creates workflows and customisable mobile forms.

Anyone, even without software experience, can build inside the studio. But Matthew does have a software background that has shaped the company’s approach to this technology.

Some construction companies still get nervous about building workflows themselves: at least until they see just how easy it is. The Bennie Group didn’t have this hesitation.

“We adopt that mentality of test and learn, which is one of my big takes from my software background,” says Matthew. “Just keep trying and developing it. Don’t try and implement the end solution from the get-go.”

Ingraining a digital culture

Matthew says that construction must ingrain digital into its day to day culture.

“If you are a business operating in the 21st century, you have to have digital-ness in your business. Full stop,” says Matthew.

“You must wake up every single morning, come to work and think, how can I be more digital? Because there is a common trend that if you are more digital, it leads towards more efficiencies.”

The Bennie Group are certainly walking the digital culture talk.

Causeway Ermeo is the fourth Causeway solution the business uses, with Tradex, Telematics and Donseed currently supporting its data-driven approach and long-term success.

It’s early days, but thanks to Causeway Ermeo’s ease-of-use and flexibility, the technology is already making an impact. Imagine the results in 12 months.

We’re looking forward to bringing you a case study that celebrates the fantastic work that The Bennie Group do in the coming year.

If you like to see how Causeway Ermeo could start making an instant difference to your business, book your 30-minute demo here.

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