Cardiff Council (CC) has chosen Causeway Alloy, our operational asset management system, to transform its street cleansing service. This move replaces an outdated paper-based system with a modern digital solution. Causeway has been a trusted partner in providing software solutions to CC for several years, delivering new ways of working to improve the efficiency of their asset and frontline service management.

Causeway is committed to providing technology to enhance infrastructure asset management. We proudly support over 200 UK Local Authority and private sector clients, helping them achieve their goals daily through our innovative software solutions.

By adopting Causeway Alloy, Cardiff Council unlock the following benefits:

  • Intuitive Mobile Working: Offering a user-friendly mobile experience to enhance operational efficiency. Integrating seamlessly with the back-office system, enabling field operatives to manage jobs and update records on the go.
  • Service Delivery Visualisation: Enabling real-time insights into service performance, highlighting areas for improvement and optimisation.
  • Automate Scheduled Work: Streamlining the allocation of scheduled works to cleansing teams, ensuring timely service delivery.
  • Integrations: Causeway Alloy's open API allows integration with council web forms, automating the flow of enquiries and reactive job assignments to relevant teams.

Causeway is working closely with CC to roll out Causeway Alloy across their operations. To reduce the time and resources required for implementation, CC will be leveraging the "Blueprints" - pre-configured, ready-to-deploy frameworks tailored to the unique requirements of street cleansing services.

With Causeway Alloy, CC can move away from legacy applications that no longer keep up in a digital world. Our solutions prepare asset-rich organisations for the future by offering a modern, flexible solution. Causeway Alloy delivers clear insights to users at every level of CC, enabling smarter decisions. As a result, CC can improve the lives of the people within their community.

We're excited about this new chapter in our partnership with Cardiff Council and look forward to seeing the positive impact that Causeway Alloy will have on their street cleansing service delivery.

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