Before using biometric technology on site, Swift Brickwork Contractors were relying on old-fashioned paper timesheets to collate time and attendance records and manage training credentials. The business has now implemented the Causeway Donseed cloud-based solution and is reaping the benefits of having access to real-time, accurate data across all of their live sites.

Swift Brickwork Contractor's Journey to Reliable Biometric Timesheets


Chelmsford-based Swift Brickwork Contractors is recognised as one of the UK’s largest and most respected specialist brickwork contractors. The business operates more than 20 live sites with over 500 operatives working across the country. In this case study Swift Brickwork Contractors’ Managing Director, Michael Walsh, Commercial Director, Tony Fawcett and Construction Director, Steve Pease discuss their implementation of the Causeway Donseed biometric labour management solution.


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