Mauritius-based surveyors, Etwaro & Associates Ltd and Kefex Associates Ltd, become the latest organisations to make the switch to Causeway’s specialist cost and programme management suite, CATO, as it continues to show international appeal.

When Etwaro & Associates Ltd began reviewing their software requirements, they were keen to find a solution provider that could work and grow with them. After building rapport with Causeway, Etwaro & Associates Ltd were clearly able to see the scalability of our CATO solution, and were confident that they had found the right solution for their business. The CATO software will now allow Etwaro & Associates to improve their accuracy and speed of delivery, allowing them to take on more work and build stronger client relationships.

Similarly, Kefex Associates Ltd, were looking for a solution that would allow them to move away from the constraints of traditional spreadsheets, which were becoming laborious as the organisation continued to grow. The CATO solution supports multi-user collaboration, creating one single version of the truth, which eradicates issues related to having multiple versions of a project. This has improved both their productivity and accuracy as a team, and they are now able to work more efficiently across all of their projects.

For more information on the CATO Cost Management suite or to find out which of our bundles is right for you, get in touch with one of our cost planning specialists, on (0)1628 552000.

If you are currently using Excel or spreadsheets, you might also be interested in downloading our short guide which explores 20 compelling reasons to switch from spreadsheets to a specialist cost management suite.

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