Causeway are delighted to welcome three more organisations to its customer roster as ECB Design Group Ltd, Ingleton Wood and MHL Consulting Engineers become the latest companies to purchase Causeway Flow and PDS licenses.

After the owner of ECB Design Group had successfully used PDS and Flow in his previous company, the decision to purchase licenses for his new consultancy venture was an easy one. The extensive range of tools that our PDS and Flow software provides will allow ECB Design Group to improve and speed up the design process as they continue to bid for more work in residential projects. Similarly, engineers’ familiarity with the PDS software was the driving factor for multi-disciplinary property and construction consultancy, Ingleton Wood.

Looking to continue utilising the latest software and equipment, MHL Consulting Engineers also opted to purchase Causeway Flow licenses. Their decision comes after they joined us for our Drainage Design Workshops in Cork, in which consultancies were given the chance to use our end-to-end drainage design package. MHL Consulting Engineers were able to clearly see the benefit of using Flow’s Cloud Licensing and placed an order within a week of attending. Causeway Flow offered a far more cost effective solution than what was already in place, providing MHL Consulting Engineers with a single, fully integrated solution.

For more information on Causeway PDS or Flow, and how our bundles can help you transform your infrastructure design productivity, get in touch with one of our Infrastructure Design Specialist’s on (0)1628 552000.

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