Kaybridge Construction, founded in 1972, works on a wide range of project types and sizes and provides comprehensive design and build packages as well as groundworks and reinforced concrete frame services. The business employs around 300 people across all its sites including its own staff, contract staff and sub-contracted sole traders.

To streamline and improve the management and recording of staff time, Kaybridge Construction required a reliable and simple to use time and attendance (T&A) solution. As a system designed specifically for construction environments, Causeway Donseed was selected.

The Challenge:


Digitalising a manual process


To record the signing in and out of workers on its sites, Kaybridge Construction was utilising a manual, paper-based system. It was recognised that using this system was very time-consuming for site managers when completing daily time sheets. There was also substantial time wasted in the office when collating the information for reporting.

In addition, the process also had several weaknesses. There was a significant risk of error with the paper-based system as well as the possibility of accidental or intentional inaccuracies when signing in and out. The current system was also vulnerable to ‘buddy clocking’ whereby people sign colleagues in or out when they are not present at the time. This resulted in instances of Kaybridge paying for time that was not worked. Furthermore, on some sites there could be as many as 100 people working for Kaybridge on a given day, making verification of attendance difficult.

A further challenge with the existing system was a lack of simple and up to date reporting on time and attendance on sites. For example, Kaybridge’s management team could not see an accurate overview of how many people they had working across its sites without manually reviewing the timesheet records for the day.

The Solution:


Streamlined, accurate T&A recording with Causeway Donseed


Kaybridge Construction recognised the need for a more effective and less time-consuming process and considered several digital solutions. Following demonstrations from different suppliers, Causeway Donseed, which was already in use by a number of Kaybridge’s clients, was selected for a trial on one of its sites in early 2020. 

Causeway Donseed utilises a simple and interactive touchscreen tablet to allow users to quickly and efficiently sign in and out of the site. The robust tablet, designed for use on busy construction sites, provides the option for different methods of biometric identification, with both a certified optical fingerprint sensor and facial recognition capabilities.

“Causeway Donseed was the preferred solution for several reasons,” explained Asha Gopal, Payroll Manager at Kaybridge Construction.


“It was clear Causeway Donseed is a system built around the needs of construction businesses, such as how easy it is to move from project to project. Also, we wanted a system that would allow both fingerprint and facial recognition to be used together.”

“After demoing several different solutions, we chose Causeway Donseed! The accuracy and information Causeway Donseed offers are really valuable, especially the built-in GPS Geo-Tagging Technology that checks that the sign-in and -out occurs within the site perimeter.”


Asha GopalKaybridge Construction, Payroll Manager


The Outcome:


Real time savings for site managers


Causeway Donseed is now in operation on nine sites, with one of the larger sites using two tablets to meet the volume of staff that need to be processed in and out each day. 

Kaybridge Construction is now utilising Causeway Donseed’s GPS Geo-Tagging Technology across these sites, to check the location of sign-in/out to ensure that it occurs within the site perimeter. This data is sent to a central portal where the business has full visibility across all sites no matter how many operatives are signing-in.

“Our teams have found the Causeway Donseed system simple to use and site managers have been able to enrol new people easily as required,” Asha added.


“As with any change in an established process, some were a little sceptical at first but the immediate benefits, especially the time saving that could be achieved, demonstrated the advantages of the new system.”

In fact, Kaybridge estimates that in some cases Causeway Donseed is saving site managers as much as six hours per week – almost a full working day. This frees up the site manager to focus on other tasks and delivers a tangible boost in productivity.

If you'd like to see how Causeway Donseed's biometric labour management system could start making an instant difference to your business, book your 30-minute demo here.

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