Curtins are an award-winning consultancy well known for their work as structural and civil engineers. They also work in related areas such as environmental, infrastructure, transport planning and geotechnical. Their endeavour towards being the leading consultancy in the industry means they are continuously identifying ways to innovate, increase productivity and reduce risk to ensure they deliver the most value to their clients. This approach extends throughout their business and includes achieving the BSI BIM Kitemarked in accordance with ISO 19650.

Their journey to increase design productivity led them to search for a new digital design solution that would allow streamlined design processes and remove doublehanding of data. Curtins discovered that Causeway’s Flow solution was the only hydraulic design solution that would enable them to work seamlessly, from preliminary, to detailed design and delivery of all outputs including BIM. This would remove the double-handling associated with moving from one program to another and presents the opportunity for their engineers to save huge amounts of time. Lee Barnet, Digital Delivery Manager commented, ‘Having reviewed Flow, our users like the simple and easy to use interface. So far they have found the software has greatly improved hydraulic modelling flexibility compared to other design software on the market’.

As a large multi-office consultancy operating across the UK and Ireland Causeway’s cloud solutions enable their engineering teams to work effectively across multiple offices. Curtins represents an organisation that fosters a collaborative teamwork approach in order to maintain integrity and quality of work. This is clear in their achievement of being named one of the UK’s best companies to work for. Causeway’s infrastructure design solutions complement Curtins culture by enabling teams to work together in the multi-user platform. Lee told us ‘we like that all users are able to use different aspects of the product suite without restrictions, something other major software developers do not allow’. It is also essential that engineers across all their offices can access their design solution. The cloud-based licensing feature of Causeway's design solutions allows engineers to access the software remotely, wherever they are, home, office or on-site, which is hugely valuable and mitigates any downtime.

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