We are delighted to welcome Edel Grass to Causeway SpecifiedBythe UK’s leading building product research platform for Architects and specifiers.

We caught up with the Edel Grass team to discuss how Causeway SpecifiedBy fits with
their specification-led marketing strategy.

Based in Genemuiden, the carpet-making capital of the Netherlands, Edel Grass has been creating artificial grass solutions for sports and landscaping purposes for the past 35 years. With nearly 10,000 realized field references and operations in over 100 countries worldwide, their knowledge goes further than just the product.

The highly experienced team at Edel Grass has extensive skills and knowledge in thinking, supplying and building artificial grass, working a variety of projects all around the world.

Within Edel Grass, there is a dedicated team of field-building engineers that work directly with FIFA, tendering on worldwide projects that help develop football and sports pitches within communities that would not usually have access to such facilities.

In addition to working with FIFA, Edel Grass also works closely with Surbiton Ladies Hockey's first team as their head sponsor, helping build the brand within the UK.

Frank Herbrink, Marketing Manager at Edel Grass, explained:

“Edel Grass is recognised as one of only 7 companies worldwide to be a preferred Turf Producer for FIFA. In addition to this we are also preferred by FIH (Federation International Hockey) and World Rugby and offer a variety of ITF certified tennis systems.

We are incredibly proud to hold these badges and to work with such prestigious, world renowned sporting bodies. Our artificial grass fields can be found at many top sporting clubs across the globe. We create grass fields for top performers in football, hockey, tennis and rugby to flourish on.

All of our premium grass and sports systems are lab tested and built for long lasting performance”

Edel Grass has a strong partner/client channel within the UK, and improving the channel with good quality leads was a priority in building on the existing specification pipeline.

It was important for them to also have greater insights into end users and their upcoming projects.

The biggest differentiator of Edel Grass is the knowledge and recommendations they can make to specifiers by understanding the exact purpose and what conditions the grass is for.

“Edel Grass has a channel of strategic partners and clients within the UK; we
turned to SpecifiedBy as a solution to support these partners and clients with good quality leads to build a strong specification pipeline.

We wanted greater insights into projects at an early stage, allowing us to get
involved in projects at the research point. We work closely with specifiers and
always share our knowledge regarding installation and maintenance to ensure the highest quality for any turf project and the best end-product possible.”

By coming on board with Causeway SpecifiedBy Edel Grass, we are able to have those important analytics and insights and see which architects are viewing their products and similar products

“SpecifiedBy provides us with access and visibility of exactly who’s researching
the products we provide, what they are interested in, and most importantly how to get in touch with them directly.

We take a systems based approach; each site requires a customised solution.
Moreover, each level of play makes specific requirements of the system. The
unique search engine within SpecifiedBy makes every attribute of our products searchable — making it easy for specifiers to find our products and have all of the specification information in one user friendly place.”

You can find the Edel Grass products on SpecifiedBy here.

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