We are delighted to welcome Premier Tech Water and Environment to Causeway SpecifiedBythe UK’s leading building product research platform for architects and specifiers.

We caught up with the Premier Tech team to discuss how Causeway SpecifiedBy fits with their specification-led marketing strategy.

With a UK headquarters in County Durham, Premier Tech is one of the industry’s leading providers of off-mains wastewater treatment, rainwater management and liquid storage solutions.

“Whether the project is a new residential, commercial or industrial development, or a renovation, we can provide a standardised or bespoke solution to meet the specifier’s exact needs.”

The team at Premier Tech can count experts, in-house engineers and modern manufacturing facilities among their assets.

It’s because of these resources that Premier Tech are able to design, test, and manufacture products to meet the most stringent of regulatory and environmental requirements.

“We focus on developing systems that can treat and prevent raw sewage entering watercourses, limit the harmful effect of water run-off with oil/water separators, conserve resources via rainwater harvesting and store waste or liquid until they can be used or disposed.”

With thousands of sewage treatment plants already installed in the UK, Premier Tech has proven to be a dependable and efficient manufacturer with no intentions of standing still.

“In the coming year we hope to raise the awareness of our product portfolio, and partner with architects, specifiers and designers to provide sustainable local solutions that will help to protect our environment for generations to come, without SpecifiedBy, this task would be significantly harder.”

Causeway SpecifiedBy’s user base of over 70,000 architects and specifiers helps place manufacturers’ products in the right place, at the right time. Not only this, but real-time data on who is viewing products is made available to building product manufacturers to help them continue the conversation with specifiers and potential customers.

“Partnering with SpecifiedBy provides us with a platform to connect architects, specifiers and designers with our range of sustainable local solutions. Our products can now be found, researched and specified during the early planning stages of a new development which is something we’ve previously struggled to perfect.”

We share Premier Tech’s passion for sustainability and are thrilled to have them on board.

You can find Premier Tech Water and Environment products on Causeway SpecifiedBy here.

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